Monday, 16 February 2015

Reasons to Outsource You’re Recruiting Functions

Recruiting the best talent is the most crucial strategy for a company in today’s world. The recruitment process which the company has in place to retain, recruit, develop and manage full time employees is very important to business now than ever before

The Evolution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO- Recruitment process outsourcing came into picture so that companies could outsource the recruiting of direct employees. Companies were looking for consultants who could provide them with the right candidate for the right job at their organisation. These providers were to come help them source/screen recruits and ultimately hire direct employees for the organisation.

The RPO provider would manage the entire recruitment process once a direct opening was identified within the company. The process they would oversee and supervise: 

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Interview scheduling
  • Screening
  • Sending the offer letter
They were responsible for managing everything until the candidates were handed over to HR to be hired as an employee of that company.
In early days the process of recruiting was fully outsourced however as RPO evolved there were times when customer only wanted certain parts of the process to be outsourced. Now a days companies want recruitment consultants to just source and screen candidates and provide recommendations to the internal team of recruiters.

With this change the idea to leverage an RPO provider to do parts of the recruitment process – whether it was the initial parts like screening and sourcing the candidates or the other areas of the process like delivering a number of qualified candidates for each position.
The RPO provider might also work with the hiring manager to schedule interviews, help in making a selection, negotiate rates or provide an appointment or offer letter. There were also instances where RPO provider would do all the on boarding activity for the company depending on the level of involvement the client would want.

In today’s changing landscapes for businesses the RPO provider could manage either the full life cycle of the recruitment and on boarding or pieces of the overall direct hire recruiting efforts. 

Who benefits from using a Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider?

All companies irrespective of their size large, medium or small that need help in managing their direct hire recruitment process can use an RPO to greatly help in the streamlining efforts. Outsourcing this job would enable a company’s HR team to focus on the internal mission and goals of the company and also helps them lessen the burden of hiring. 

Written by - Manoj Iyer- Upraisal - People - Productivity - Performance
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