Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top Hospitality Interview questions and their answers

Question 1: Why do you want to work for <company name>?
This is a simple question but many people cannot answer it. Hospitality industry is not very big, so it is taken for granted that  you will know a great deal about the company you are interviewing with.Make sure you are familiar with certain aspects of the company; its culture, clientele etc.
When answering this question be more specific than saying some think like: “I can do the job and I like the company”. Try something like this:
“<Company Name> is a hotel/business I have always known about and I am becoming increasingly interested in working here. I know that the company takes pride in training their staff to the highest of standard so as to impress guests/clients and this is definitely the kind of culture which I want to be a part of. To be given the opportunity to show my existing skills and knowledge and further develop them would motivate me to do the best job I can.”
Question 2: What do you know about <Company Name>?
Again, this is where your research will come in. Hospitality is a busy industry that involves a lot of elements and businesses in the industry are proud of what they do and how they do it. It is important for them to find someone who knows how they work and what they have achieved.
Be sure to know about  the company’s senior staff; Chefs, management and so on, any events that have been held there and any awards the company has won. Don’t just list things you have learned about the company. Talk about them and relate it back to why it interests you.
Here is a sample answer of a great answer to this question :
“<Company Name> is known for its excellent management and its top class treatment of guests and clients. This is something that is really important to me in the work environment. I also know that <Company Name> is one of the top choices in the city for promotional events and awards shows, so it is continuously busy and demanding to work here. The reputation is very good with winning Hotel of the Year last year and with your Head Chef winning a number of awards; it would be very exciting to be part of this business”.
Question 3: What are your Career Goals in the Hospitality Industry?
This question will be asked to know about your ability and ambition in relation to the hospitality industry. Remember, the more ambitious the person, the more likely they are to be hard working.
There are several ways you can answer this question. If you are not completely sure of your goals, because it is too early in your career, then the answer can be like this:
“I am focusing more on the goals within my current position and haven’t been concentrating on my personal career goals much. I feel that if I achieve goals within my job, career promotion will come naturally”
Question 4: What are the biggest strengths that you can bring to a role in Hospitality?
When preparing to answer this question consider the culture of hospitality; it’s customer related, it’s fast paced, it requires dedication and often long working hours.
Strengths that impress employers in hospitality include:
The ability to work under pressure
Excellent customer service skills/Pride in customer service
Being organised and focused on tasks at hand
Question 5: If you got the job, how long do you see yourself staying at the company?
This question is often asked due to the close knit nature of the hospitality industry. Because  “everyone knows everyone”  in the industry, people often leave jobs for positions their friends tell them about in other places. Hotels, restaurants and catering companies want to find someone who will stay with the company, and someone they will want to stay.
There are plenty of wrong ways to answer this question but here are some ways you can answer it effectively:
“I’d like to be here for as long as I can and as long as I feel I am doing the best that I can do in the company.”
“I worked for <Currently company/last company> for X years which I think shows that I am stable. As long as the work is challenging and there is potential for growth I will be happy to work here and offer all that I can.”
“I’m not interested in jumping jobs at every opportunity. I know that staying with one company for as long as possible benefits me as well as the business so as long as there is a mutual gain, I will stay here for as many years as possible.”

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