Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Top 10 Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviewers are people to, and like people they can be manipulated into doing your bidding until you’ve taken over the world! Okay, not really. But there are some tips and tricks that will help you win them over in the job interview. Below, in no particular order, are the top 10.

How to Ace the Interview
·         Mock Interviews
Mock interviews are fake interviews that you conduct with a friend. We have several posts that go through exactly how you can get the best learnings out of your mock interviews. How to Conduct a Mock Interview –  Part 1 is here, do enough of these and no interview will make you nervous.
·         Research Company AND Competition
Thoroughly researching the company is extremely important. Have a look at our full report on how to research a company effectively before you start your research. Research the competition  just as thoroughly, this will teach you much more about the industry. Before the interview review the company’s website, social assets,  get a copy of the annual report and run a general Google search. Contact the prospective employer and request details on the position you are interviewing for. Memorise the job description, it is what you’re being judged by. 
·         Find Additional Skills
You may also want to look at what other companies say in their job descriptions for the same job. This gives you a way to show what additional skills you can bring to the role on top of the ones they have listed. Think about including Soft Skills too. For example if you were applying for a role in Marketing, soft skills like embracing change and identifying opportunities are critical. If you are an engineer than focus on communication skills and lateral thinking etc…
·         Be Outgoing From the Start
First impressions can make or break the interview. No matter how nervous you are, start off strong by actively shaking their hand and talking. It may help you make up for any mistakes later. You also need to look the part. Make sure you are dressed professionally and appropriately for your industry. Download our FREE eBook – How to Dress For Your Interview and make sure you look right.
·         Ask Friendly Questions
“How’s your day so far?” “Have you been in CITY for long?” These questions build rapport so the interviewer begins to like you on a more personal level. Interviewers are not robots, they are people, and therefore their opinions can be swayed slightly by how likeable they find the candidates they interview.  You want to make sure they warm to you on a more personal level.
·         Eat, Drink, Sleep and Arrive Early
While these may seem like they should not need to be listed you would be surprised how many candidates arrive late or do not perform well because they have not eaten properly. Basic interview preparation like eating and sleeping and using the bathroom beforehand, will all help you be more confident in yourself during the interview.
·         Memorise Your Best Points
Take the time to think of examples where you have successfully used the skills you’ve acquired. Compile a list of responses to both background and behavioural interview questions which highlight your skills, values, and interests as well as your key strengths. Have a look at our list of the 15 Most Common Behavioural Interview Questions to help you prepare.
·         Ask Amazing Questions
The better your questions are to the interviewer, the more they will remember you and feel that you’re someone they need to hire. Put together a list of question that relate specifically to the company you are interviewing with and if possible targeted to the department you are hoping to work in.

·         Be Positive
Never say anything overtly negative about anyone you have worked with in the past. You want to be seen as a person who is positive, upbeat and great to have around.
Acing a job interview involves a lot of practice, a lot of time reviewing questions and answers, and a lot of preparation. The above tips will help make sure that you’re more than ready for the interview and give you the best chance of success.

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